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Homeless Intake Database

In 2012 Future in Humanity joined the Fullerton Homeless Collaborative, working with other agencies in our local community to battle homelessness. Through this collaborative we recognized that there were a great number of clients receiving duplicated services from different organization participating in the collaborative.  In an effort to help work collaboratively with non-federal funded organization we developed a shared database for organizations to input client information, track client progress, and see what other agencies are working with the same client. The goal for the database is to reduce duplicated services, simplify collaboration, and alleviate the stress of producing program reports. Our database is now available for organizations across the United States and is compliant with HUD standards. Our database is great for start up agencies and organizations that are looking for a more effective way to track client information and produce accurate reports for funders and board of directors.

Online Training Program

Future in Humanity understands the challenge of non profit organizations and students wanting to figure out how to best serve the homeless. Many are underfunded and lack the time to go to community forums and trainings. That is why we have created an online training program and for just $99 you can take your skills and services to the next level.  

Major topics covered by our training include:

  •      Understanding homelessness
  •      Mental health issues
  •      Facts about homelessness
  •      Homeless case management
  •      Resources for the homeless
  •      Crisis intervention skills
  •      Client needs assessments

Friendship Program

Often times people fall into homelessness because they lack a reliable support system that can help them while they transition back into stability. Future in Humanity provides mentorship and guidance for people who have fallen into hard time through our Friendship Program. Volunteers and case managers partners with shelters, food banks, city departments and other homeless service providers to offer resource referrals and ongoing support to people transitioning out of homelessness and into housing. The experience of homelessness causes severe stress and depression often making it difficult for people to plan past meeting their basic needs. Our program is designed to help people set goals, identify resources and provide financial assistance to make livable income and permanent housing attainable.

Homeless Resource Center

The Future in Humanity drop in resource center is available for people experiencing homelessness in Orange County, CA. We are located at the First Lutheran Church in Fullerton and is open on Tuesday and Wednesday from 1:00 – 5:00 PM. Our resource center is available for clients in our Friendship Program and any individual or family seeking assistance to obtain housing or employment. Our team develops an individual case plan for each client to help connect them with the services that will best meet their unique needs. Our team works collaboratively with other organizations to help clients gain access to available services without the stress of contacting each agency individually. Our goal is to help every clients live a healthy and prosperous life and to end homelessness one person at a time.

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