Have you ever had to find loose change to afford enough gas to get to and from work? Imagine being evicted from your place due to being laid off work and no longer being able to afford the inflated rent costs. You have to move everything into storage and have nowhere to go. You’re now living in a motel until your unemployment runs out and are forced to sleep in your car the rest of the month. Imagine not being able to afford looking for a job and forced to walk door to door disheveled because you slept in your car the night before and didn’t have a place to shower.
The reality of homelessness might not be as you imagined it. Your gift of one months transportation can help someone in unimaginable ways.  

Product Description

The number one barrier for people experiencing homelessness is transportation. Often people experiencing homelessness are forced to stay in one area due to their lack of income, which means they may go without food, showers or shelter. Without transportation many are forced to go without their basic needs being met causing severe physical and mental health problems. Your gift of one month’s transportation can help someone gain access to the services they need to end their homelessness.



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